As of March 16, 2016, here are our activities:

  • Founding

    • We have a founding date.

    • We have an initial board of directors.

    • We have established membership guidelines.

    • We have a plan for membership recordkeeping.

    • We publish minutes on our Facebook group.

    • We established a fiscal year coinciding with the calendar year.

    • We have registered a name with the state of Nebraska.

    • We have filed articles of incorporation with the state of Nebraska.

    • We have an EIN number with the IRS.

    • Up next...

      • Submitting form 1023, to apply for the 501(c)(3) status.

      • Checking account.opened Dec 2016

    • Purchasing accounting software.

    • Prepare membership application.

  • Planning

    • We hosted many of meetings to collect feedback from community members.

    • We have been holding  bi-weekly meetings on starting a Native American Center, at the Do Space. Now other bldgs library, churches

  • Projects

    • We are working to address Indian Child Welfare Act issues in Nebraska, with the support of Dr. Rudi Mitchell, who is the official Omaha Nation Qualified Expert Witness, he is a commissioner for the Nebraska Commission on Indian Affairs.

    • We have a discussion a Native American entrepreneurship residency house by partnering with Nebraska Startup Village.

    • We are in discussion about  transitional housing program

Also, last fall 2015 we hosted a
community potluck at Yates Elementary in collaboration with the Mayan community.